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    Some of the Bongo Wildlife Clubs and Communities have commenced bee – keeping as a potential income generation project. One of the most important considerations is the flowering calendar for your overall bee keeping plan.

    There are a number of considerations before communities start, beekeeping is not always appropriate for some locations and groups. 
    Here are some considerations:-

    • Visit a best practice bee keeping site and make contact with local expertise from your area.
    • To do this contact Ministry of Agriculture or Kenya Forest Service or other beekeeping groups.
    • What type of hive is most appropriate, an example is a Long Sloth Hive – see below.
    • Placement of beehive:- in protected area safe from predators, close to flowers, near water.
    • Are bees colonized, safe, disease free and building honey combs correctly
    • Do the bees need additional fruits and water, particularly if drought conditions
    • Planning the most appropriate time to start a colony, when to harvest based on maximizing climate and flowering conditions.
    • Protective Clothing – all over. Be safe.
    • Go with a partner.
    • Work quickly and quietly.
    • Open Hives when temperature is cool.

    Bee keeping