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    by BSP TEAM

    Keeping up with the Bongo

    The Bongo Surveillance Project (BSP) team has been at the forefront of capturing some amazing bongo photographs and video footage during the last 12 months.As the Mountain Bongo is critically endangered and there are potentially less than 100 surviving in the wild and these visuals are pretty unique. BSP continues to monitor bongo populations in Aberdares, Mt. Kenya, South West Mau, Maasai Mau and Eburru Forest


    by BSP TEAM

    Maasai Mau Forest Reserve

    Through regular monitoring,  the BSP Team now have a diary of photographs from the Maasai Mau forest from May 2014 showing an almost continuous monthly record of this bongo group and even more exciting earlier in May we captured our first live footage from this area.

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