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    The Bongo Wildlife Clubs and Communities participate in a conservation educational programme. This may include lectures, conservation and environmental impact films and visits to best practice Centre’s, and National Parks. The support of the communities is vital to the programme.

    Conservation Films:-

    A variety of conservational films have been set aside to help address the problem and solutions and proposals in local areas .These issues include; Fuel alternatives, meat alternatives, human and wildlife conflict, forest destruction and water conservation. The BSP School Coordinator has also developed some specific “Bongo” project videos.

    Visits to William Holden Educational Centre – Mt Kenya and Aberdares National Park

    Over the last 5 years we have taken over 500 pupils, teachers and community members to the William Holden Centre. Some of these participants have also visited, Aberdares National Park, and Sangare Conservancy.

    Bongo Hotspots – Learn to Paint and where the last remaining Bongo groups are:-

    BSP Patrons Training Days

    The BSP work closely with the Bongo Wildlife Patrons at each of the schools, and have together developed a Bongo Wildlife Clubs curriculum based on conservation activities and the experiences of the implementation at the schools
    BSP-Patrons-Training-Days .