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  • Efficient Fuel And Lighting

    The Bongo Surveillance Project has been supporting the Bongo Wildlife Clubs and Communities, with new solar light innovations. Presentations and donations have taken place on solar lamps and fuel efficient cooking Gikos. In one village, in the Aberdares a complete solar network has been installed supporting a number of homes and the village school.


    1. Chop vegetables small and soak grains to reducecookingtime
    2. Useapressurecooker – special pot that cooks food much fasterthananormal pot
    3. Put a lid onyour cooking pot. This will reducethe amountof fuelyou need by⅔
    4. Cut wood into smallpieces, to usejustthe right amount and not more


    Photographs – above show portable solar lamps donated, to BSP trackers, more fuel efficient cookers, and an introduction to a Biogas solution.


    Kariki, in the Aberdares has benefitted from anew solar technology innovation. TheMicro SmartGrid solar solutionwas donated by Logiss (UK).

    Kariki Village with Logiss Solar TeamThe benefits have been immediate, to the community. It has helped in a number of ways:-

    a) Economically - saving on costs. Community would be buying kerosene for lighting and paying to charge mobile phones (at charging booth in town).
    b) Health - Improved health, avoiding respiratory ailments.
    c) Improved education performance - longer study time. In Kariki, an evening study group in some homes has commenced, potentially improving educational development.
    d) In Kariki teachers have extended their work time to mark pupils work and assist with after school support for willing pupils.

    As quoted by Kariki headmaster - Clement Muchemi "This invention is unique, it is targeting the poor and vulnerable. For Kariki, electricity would be many years away for our community. These villages could not afford the monthly costs of electricity, and the maintenance charges, anyway. This installation has made a difference now. Thank you".        

    Kariki Village is the first community in Kenya to trial the LogissMicro Smart Grid through its partnership with BSP. 

    BSP Reviewing with Kariki Community how the
    village has benefitted August 2014.

    Micro Smart Grid (upgraded) installed in 2014