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  • Tree Nursery establishment & management

    The BSP has been encouraging and supporting the Bongo Wildlife Clubs and communities to set up tree nurseries and to encourage parents to plant trees at home.  The schools have grown thousands of young trees from seed.  The trees planted by the schools in their grounds, offer a welcome sanctuary and area of shade for the pupils to rest.

    Some of the BSP related communities have also made income from sales of their tree plants. The BSP patrons, encourage the pupils how to collect seeds and how to look after designated young trees. In SW Mau a more established tree nursery project through the BSP partnership, has just sold 3000 tree seedling to Finlays Tea Operations. They also donated 3000 plastic growing bags to the OGILGE group.  The members of the group bought chickens and school materials.

    Tree Nursery establishment and management