• Monitoring and surveillance

    Found only in Kenya, the Mountain Bongo
    is critically endangered. BSP is the only
    organisation dedicated to their monitoring and protection.

  • Conservation Education

    We establish wildlife clubs in forest adjacent
    schools. Children learn about the bongo,
    the forests and benefits of forest friendly activities.

  • Community Outreach

    Our programmes bring tangible benefits to local
    communities through their connection to forest
    ecosystems and the mountain bongo.

Our Mission

The objective of the Bongo Surveillance Project (BSP) is to protect and conserve the critically endangered eastern or mountain bongo and its habitat,by working with local communities and stakeholders worldwide.

Baby Bongo


HISTORY: The Bongo Surveillance Project (BSP) is a home grown Kenyan organisation, founded by Mike Prettejohn in 2004. Mike has a lifetime of experience in the alpine forests of Kenya. Realising the species was in a steep decline, Mike formed teams of experienced “Bongo” trackers to collect vital data to verify remnant bongo populations in the wild. These monitoring activities are augmented by community outreach and conservation education programmes to forest-adjacent communities.
RECOGNITION: The BSP project team is recognised on a local and international level for its unique surveillance work in the field. Since 2014, the BSP has been branded as a recognized WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums) conservation project.
PARTNERSHIP: The BSP is supported financially and technically through partnership with domestic and international conservation organisations.Local partners include Rhino Ark, KWS, KFS, among others; and internationally by IUCN, Rare Species Conservatory Foundation, Tusk Trust, among others.

About the Species

Found only in Kenya, the Mountain Bongo (also called Eastern Bongo)
Tragelaphus eurycerus isaaci is critically endangered (IUCN Red List).

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About the Programme

The Bongo Surveillance Project was founded in 2004 in the Aberdare forests of central Kenya,the last stronghold of bongo surving in the wild

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About the Team

The BSP team is comprised of forest-adjacent local community members as bongo trackers, conservation educators, and community engagement officers.

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